Things that you must have with you!

Bubble wrap
your whisky properly with
bubble wrap

Biltema 10m x 100cm - 80 SEK

Clas Ohlson 20m x 29cm - 80 SEK

Jula 5m x 100cm - 50 SEK

ÖB 3m x 50cm - 25 SEK


Inflatable bottle protection - 14 SEK

How to use it


British power plug  

Without British power plug you can't charge your mobile


You need a extra charger to your phone


You need earplugs if you have snoring friends

Plastic pipette  

Plastic pipette will help you to flavoring your whisky



All tastings must be documented



Paper map

EHIC - European Health Insurance Card

European Health Insurance Card

With the European Health Insurance Card, you can get compensation for necessary care if you get sick or have an accident when you travel



You need a good camera with you

Always name tag your luggage

Digital luggage wave

Digital luggage wave

Don't forgett your driving license

Don't forgett your passport

Copy of all travel documents

Have always with you several bank cards

Only use Scottish pound

Bring your bank box

You need a backpack for your whisky

In the Isle of Islay, it rains often.

Instead of using umbrella use rain gear




updated 2017-07-11